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Vocaknowlogy® - Level 3



level 3, advanced

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The cards have been purposely designed so that the words are boldly displayed and as a result are readily absorbed by the children.

Through experience and experimentation with different methods we have found that if the words are prominent, children are more likely to recall not only the words but the spelling of the words in a relatively short period of time.

Also, if there are too many words on the cards children are less likely to be able to recall the words and will quickly lose concentration and interest. We have devised three levels of vocabulary building cards:

  • Green - beginner
  • Orange - intermediate
  • Red - advanced

The word on the front of each card is clearly and boldly displayed.

The definition of the word is on the reverse of the card and there are 3 synonyms in the bottom left hand corner.

The number in the top right hand corner of the card (1-3) denotes the level of difficulty of the word, 3 being the most difficult.

There is a x2 symbol on certain cards which means that the word on the coloured side of the card has a double meaning. The player is given the opportunity to define both words.

The numbering system can be used for point scoring purposes when playing a game as an individual, or during a competitive game with 2 or more players.


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